Testimonials from our members

“Time and time again, this group shows me how STRONG women can be. Despite being a beginner and having limited time to get outsite, I am constantly inspired by everyone’s strength, kindness and generosity that makes this group so unique. I feel more confident about my climbing, and excited about finding community with others!”
— Kristan Noel, California
“Women empowering women!! I love it. This group has some super strong ladies and it motivates me to go hard on the rock and off!”
— Marissa Ladera, Nevada
The words that come to mind are community, strength (physical and emotional), kindness and courage. I have found a tribe/community of kind strong and encouraging warrior goddesses in GWC. Climbing has given me strength and Girls Who Climb has given me the courage to climb past my self imposed boundaries! You all rock!”
— Arie Nair, California

“This is hands down one of THE best most supportive group I’ve ever been in! So many rad ladies lifting each other up, coming together ( online or in person) and interacting in a positive way. I love watching the group grow and can’t wait to see what’s coming next!”
— Michelle Frankel, Florida
“I love, love, love GWC!!!! In these past few months, I have experienced amazing climbs, met great friends, and learned so much about the sport. I am so grateful for this incredible group!”
— Phi Pham, California
“This group has completely changed my climbing experience. I have met up with so many other women and linked up on trips... I have finally had all woman trips or trips where my husband is the only guy! It’s motivated me to push harder and I’ve been able to watch women who are crazy strong and learn from them! I feel like I’ll never want for a climbing partner again and I don’t have to worry about my next trip because I’ll find some awesome strong girls to climb with wherever I go. There’s just something different about it, less competition I feel and more encouragement.”
— Sophia Buell, California