Local Climbers, Local Crags

We are doctors, lawyers, accountants and more. 
We are mothers, daughters, wives and friends.
We are just a rad group of women who want to spend all of our free time on the crag, crushing!

What We Do

"Women are on the rise in the climbing world!" -Climber Magazine

Whether you're a professional, seasoned expert or novice climber - we offer a close knit, compassionate and judgement free atmosphere for women from all different parts of the world who share the love of climbing through our local events, closed member forum and monthly newsletters. Now is a crucial time not only for women in the workforce but also the outdoor community. We are stepping up, stepping out and making our voices heard! The climbing community is expeditiously growing. It is consistently intriguing the curious and motivating the eager. There is a demand for a community for women rock climbers and we hope to continue being that outlet and to encourage women to step out of their comfort zone and really tap into their passion for climbing.